The way to recovery begins with a smile!

About us in brief

HaKav HaMeached Association

It happened in 1999, when Adv. Israel Shinefeld decided to launch activities for sick children and their families, and give them a little light and hope to alleviate their painful routine.
During the course of his activities, Mr. Shinefeld has become acquainted with many sick children and acquired an extensive experience as part of volunteering at several non-profit organizations. Over the years, his wife, Chaya, has joined him, and together, they are committed to association’s activities on a voluntary basis and do everything possible to alleviate the suffering of the sick children and their families.

The way to recovery begins with a smile!

his is how the activities began and expanded further, while dozens of volunteers have joined over the years, which made it possible to give the full attention to children with rare syndromes, cancer patients and children with disabilities.
As part of its activities, the association arranges events and resort camps in Israel, United States and Europe, including bar and bat mitzvah celebrations, distribution of 250 pairs of tefillin a year, assistance during holidays, financial support and much more, as well as a wide range of activities aimed to fulfil the patients’ wishes, distract them from their medical routine and give them a little joy and happiness in hope for their recovery.
HaKav HaMeached Association runs its activities across Israel, in all sectors, regardless of color, religion or gender.
HaKav HaMeached family is motivated by a profound sense of mission, while our volunteers constantly support the sick children with love and devotion, from 1999 to date.


We thank you for willing to help us continue bringing happiness and hope to sick children, who can benefit greatly from such moments of joy.
HaKav HaMeached family wishes to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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